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Diagnostic Ultrasound Clinic Brookmans Park Osteos

We are so excited to announce the opening of our new diagnostic ultrasound clinic with experienced Physio and specialist musculoskeletal sonographer Jon Wride, who will be running a diagnostic ultrasound clinic every week.

Diagnostic ultrasound is good for:


*Arthritis and joint pain

*Sports injuries

*shoulder rotator cuff tears

*tennis / golfers elbow

Treatments include

*steroid injection for inflammation

*Plasma replacement for healing

*shockwave for tissue repair

*hyaluronic acid for joint pain

To discuss if you are suitable call 01707 655514 or just book straight in for your scan and report. Cost £85.

(treatments prices available on request)

Our low back and neck exercise sheet

Brookmans Park Osteopaths Nick Cowan and Tom Glindon have created a bespoke low back and neck exercise sheet. Whilst demonstrating five of the most beneficial stretches they inserted their own photos and created a handy pocket sized low back and neck exercise guide.

Daily stretches are important to maintain mobility in the joints and encourage blood supply and stretch of the soft tissues. Stretching after an injury prevents build up of scar tissue and encourages the muscle and tendon to return to its pre-injury resting length.

Getting into a regular daily habit prevents shortening of the ligaments around the joint and can prevent bad postural habits forming.

Visiting an osteopath will ensure you do the right exercises correctly.

Rule of 90

Simply put the best way of sitting at a desk is to subscribe to the rule of 90’s. Sit with your hips, knees, ankles and elbows at 90 degrees and your computer monitor at eye level.

The truth is there is no perfect way to sit and sitting like this for hours in end will not save your posture. Be sure to move about and change your position subtly every 20-30 minutes. Basically you have 360 joints and 650 muscles in the body and they all need to move!

Dead bug

This is one of a number of exercises to strengthen the core safely and with control.

To do the Dead Bug:

  • Lie on your back with your back flat against the surface you are lying on
  • Lift both hips / knees to 90 degrees and point both arms to the ceiling
  • Slowly and in a controlled manor lower one leg towards the floor whilst straightening it and let the opposite arm fall behind your head
  • Repeat on the other side.

This will hit your core and particularly strengthen your hip flexors.

If you ever experience pain doing this exercise, stop, and call your osteopath.