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Osteopathic Treatments Osteopathy Brookmans Park Osteos

Osteopaths know all about pain and treat more than just backs and necks! From toes to fingers, knees to wrists, we are trained to treat the whole body. The majority of our patients come to us for back and neck pain, but if pain is in your life, you need to talk to us because osteopathy might help you.

We also don’t just click backs! We work on ligaments, muscles, tendons, joints … in fact we look at the whole body. As osteopaths we like to find the cause of your discomfort, treat your injury at the source, and help to prevent it occurring in the future. We assess and treat you as an individual and tailor our treatment and exercise plans to your needs. We always inform you of how we will treat. We will obtain your permission and consent before ‘clicking’ or using acupuncture.  With us you will feel secure and can completely relax feeling safe in our hands.  

Osteopathic treatments use a combination of techniques like massage, articulation and manipulation. Below (the Diagnostic Ultrasound section) on this page, you will see we offer alongside osteopathy treatments: **Sports Massage **Medical Acupuncture **Kinesiology taping **Exercise rehabilitation** and a lot more

We will probably use these techniques anyway, but if you would  like us to incorporate any one of these into your treatment, just write it in the notes or comments box in the online booking form.  Or mention it at your appointment with your osteopath. We are happy to use any or all of these to make you better!  We can also refer you for MRI scans, X-ray, DEXA scans (and of course diagnostic ultrasound here at this clinic!)

Whether you are 2, 22 or 99 years old there are likely to be things we can do to get you back on your feet. And if you’re not sure whether we can help, book a free 20 minute consultation.  We will help you work out what to do with your pain.. We look forward to helping you become pain free.

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Podiatry Treatments

General Foot Health e.g. painful corns & callus, routine nail care, fungal infections, diabetic foot care, including annual screening & check ups.
More Acute Problems such as ingrowing toenails, wound management, painful verruca etc.
We also offer treatment & advice for sports injuries, biomechanics & gait issues , children’s foot health, orthotic therapy. To contact podiatry click on the email podiatry@brookmansparkosteos.co.uk
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Diagnostic Ultrasound

Diagnostic ultrasound scans. A one stop shop to a fast cure! See the injury. Diagnose the cause. Plan the treatment.  (Click on the ultrasound picture for more information and prices)

Diagnostic Ultrasound is a fantastic way to assess why muscles, tendons and joints are painful.  After scanning we can also offer ultrasound guided injections, shockwave therapy, hyaluronic acid to ‘oil’ arthritic joints, and PRP (protein rich plasma) injections for faster healing. .

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Sports Massage

Osteopathic Treatments Sports Massage Brookmans Park Osteos

Sports Massage Therapy. (This can be requested in your osteopathy treatment) has many benefits for both the athlete and non-athlete.

It can help with reducing muscular tension and fatigue, improve flexibility, prevent injury and prepare for and recover from sporting events.

Regular sports massage is a great way to keep you mobile for day to day life and sporting goals.

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Medical Acupuncture

Osteopathic Treatments Medical Acupuncture Brookmans Park Osteos

Medical Acupuncture (can be part of your osteopathy session or requested separately) is a modern adaptation on the ancient Chinese acupuncture and works on the premise that inserting fine needles into tension points can help relieve tension and pain by stimulating the nervous system to produce pain relieving chemicals.

It can be used to help with a variety of musculoskeletal pain.

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Kinesiology Taping

Osteopathic Treatments Kinesiology Taping Brookmans Park Osteos

Kinesiology taping (can be used in your osteopathy session) is a taping technique designed to facilitate the bodys natural healing process whilst providing support and stability without restricting range of movement. It can also help to prolong the benefits of the treatment recieved during the consultation.

Kinesiology tape has also proved to beneficial for treating postural issues.

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Exercise Rehabilitation

Osteopathic Treatments Exercise Rehabilitation Brookmans Park Osteos

(you will receive this as part of all osteopathy sessions) Exercise rehabilitation is a process which allows your body to recover and regain full function following an injury. This is achieved through treatment and exercises working to improve strength and flexibility. We will provide you with a specific exercise program tailored to your individual needs.

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