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Lexapro generic cost without insurance. They pay more for the drugs and they get worse medicines. So that's the price that some people choose to pay. But for many others, the price is a little better. They know that can get them at half the cost. Some of them are still under the age. So they've got their insurance. They choose to go that lower price. BILL MOYERS: But there you are again, "It's just money." There's no human being at the other end. RICHARD SHEARER: Well, certainly, money is important. People who do this work, which I all over the country by phone or face to face, they don't just do it for money. They because respect the patient and they their patients families, want to make the best drugs in world so that people can live. And certainly if you think about it from there, money is not important. It's making better drugs available, providing more insurance, and doing other things like that. BILL MOYERS: Yet, the health economists I know who study these issues say there's also a fundamental moral issue at stake in your work. RICHARD SHEARER: You know, I try to take what I've learned as a scientist for my moral values in this matter. You know, I am trying to help the people I serve. who are suffering because we do not have the information. And I'm not sure we will in the course of time. As I said, do a lot of research in my laboratory. I do a lot of experiments in drug development because I think that's the best way to find out about this. And I don't think people should live in a culture where they just do what they're told to and accept that as normal go on and think, "What the hell is it coming in the door? It's not medicine!" BILL MOYERS: As I was writing this book, reading about an American missionary hospital, in this case a Catholic hospital, and their philosophy of giving care. They talk about how treat their patients and what they think are the true reasons why patients come. RICHARD SHEARER: The main reason people come to these hospitals is a need. That's what it's about, and so they're not going to give a drug unless it's important. That's something I did learn from doing this research. If you try to get away from the needs and of patients, you risk putting your work or reputation in jeopardy. Sometimes you've got to say, "Oh, well, there's a drug that can do this, so I'm not going to do what you all want me to do. It might be important to people, but I'm not going to do what I need or think I'm obligated to do." We have give those drugs to people who need them. If it's something that could be done without doing drugs, we can take that. There are not many people in the world who want to pay the price of that. But they can't. BILL MOYERS: You once wrote about an American missionary hospital saying, let's help the little person, we're Christians, going to do the most for least. And now that you know their patients have far more complex needs, you've changed your mind about that a little. RICHARD SHEARER: Well, they were in a difficult position. They were trying to serve both people, but also the needs of patients with complicated health needs. That's something that I did learn. It may be the case with other people who are doing this work as well. At any rate, I said, people need to.

Lexapro is used for treating depression or generalized anxiety disorder.

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Shockwave Therapy

now available at Brookmans Park Osteopaths and is being strongly recommended by the NHS and NICE

What is Shockwave Therapy?

Shockwave therapy uses high powered sound waves to stimulate new cell growth, encourage bone healing and reduce inflammation

Why is it so effective?

The treatment is used alongside diagnostic ultrasound to pinpoint the exact injury area. Shockwave therapy is non-invasive and very safe. After scanning it takes around 10 minutes to administer.

What can it be used for?

It is excellent for stimulating healing and reducing pain from tendon and ligament injuries. In particular, conditions such as:

*Frozen Shoulders*
*Shoulder rotator cuff injury*
*Tennis and golfers elbow*
*Hamstring and buttock pain*
*Knee pain*
*Hip pain and Bursitis*
*Foot and Achilles tendonitis pain*
*Plantar fasciitis*
*Ligament pain and strains*

Jon has used this technology on over 10,000 patients with brilliant results!

Here is Jon at Liverpool Football Club alongside the Champions League trophy. He was invited to lecture there on Shockwave therapy and teach the therapists how to get the football stars pain free faster. It must have worked!

The specialist treatments can ensure you are pain free faster!

Shockwave therapy £65

A 30 minute scan with full medical report – only £85

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