Specialist physiotherapist and ultrasonographer, (Jonathan Wride) can now offer SUPLASYN – an injection of Hyaluronic acid that coats and protects the inside of joints whilst also promoting healing.

This treatment is particularly good for hip and knee joints though can be used for ANY arthritic joint. Studies show that in 88% of people just one injection significantly decreases pain and increased activity levels.

It is more effective than taking anti inflammatory medication and doesn’t damage stomach lining.

At Brookmans park Osteopaths clinic all our injections are performed using ultrasound guidance to ensure 100% accuracy.

To discuss further if you or anyone you know would like to benefit, please give the clinic a call on 07957144025 (or call 01707 655514 to book an appointment direct).

Diagnostic ultrasound clinics with qualified specialist physio offering diagnostic ultrasound, shockwave therapy, steroid injections and arthritis treatments run every Thursday.

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