We all need Balance and Stability (and gentle yoga)

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 Exercises for BalanceThis week we look at some balance exercises. As you move and breathe through the poses, circulation will improve, joints will become more flexible, and you will feel better and more energetic from head to toe. 

Part 1.  Starter Balance Exercises (for seniors) 

With age comes wisdom – plus a few other things your body might not appreciate quite so much!  As we age, muscle mass and metabolism decrease and less active people can struggle with balance. With regular balance training, stability and strength improve and unnecessary falls can be avoided.

Below is a series of simple chair poses which are ideal for those wanting to start balance training. (images courtesy of saga.co.uk)

Part 2.  Balance progression exercises

Once part 1 is accomplished, try part 2. Yoga is a probably one of the best ways to improve balance. If you are unable to participate in traditional yoga classes you can perform many exercises like the ones below. Practice each pose for approximately 30 seconds. 
Aim: Improves balance while standing on toes.

Stand facing the back of your chair. Hold the back of the chair and rise on to the balls of your feet. Lift one arm overhead, hold for several seconds, then lower arm and feet and lift the other arm. Progression: Stay on your toes with each arm raise.

Aim: Stimulates single leg balance
Stand at the side of the chair. Place the right hand on the back of the chair.  Rotate the left leg away from the body and either place the heel above the ankle, or the entire foot on the calf muscle. Lift the left arm overhead and hold. Repeat on the opposite leg.
Aim: Lunge. Stimulates single leg balance in a stepping motion

Face the side of the chair.  Place the right hand on the back of the chair and step your left foot on to the seat of the chair. Raise your left arm over head.  Hold and repeat on the other side.

Aim: Triangle. Enhances balance in a one-sided stance

Stand sideways next to a chair. Turn the toes of the furthest foot from the chair to 45 degrees and point the toes of the other foot toward the chair. Inhale and raise the arms to shoulder height. Exhale and reach the arm closest to the chair to rest on the seat (or back of the chair depending on your flexibility).  Hold and repeat to the other side. Look up to the ceiling to progress the stretch.

Aim: Downward dog to improve balance while inverted

Face the chair and raise your arms above your head. Exhale and place your arms on the seat of the chair (bend knees if needed). Slowly walk the feet backward and lift the hips. Hold 5 seconds. Slowly walk the feet back to the side of the chair and roll up one vertebrae at a time to return to standing.

We all need a little balance and stability

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