Osteopathy New Patient appointments  (45 mins) £65.

Osteopathy Follow Up appointments (30 mins) £55

Podiatry / Chiropody appointment £40

Diagnostic Ultrasound Scans £95 

Shockwave Therapy £75

One Stop Shop Scan + injection £250

Steroid Injection £165

Hyaluronic Acid joint injection £195

PRP Injection (protein Rich Plasma) £250


You do not need a GP referral to visit us. However, some insurance companies require that you see your GP before starting treatment. Please check with your insurer first if you think this may be the case.

Most people refer themselves for  treatment by booking an appointment directly with the practice.

If you are unsure whether treatment would be suitable for you, we invite you to book a FREE 20 minute osteopathy consultation.

Products we Sell:

  • Tennis Elbow Support: £32
  • Ice Packs: £5 and £8
  • Lumbar Spine Belts: £38

We accept all debit and credit cards (except Amex ) as well as cash and cheques

Osteopathy Opening Times

Monday – Tuesday – Thursday 7.50am – 8.30pm
Wednesday – Friday 8.30am – 7.50pm
Saturday  7.50am – 2.00pm

Chiropody Opening Times

Please call for exact times after June 2020 as these times will vary.
Monday – all day.   Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.
Thursday 9-5pm  Alternate Saturdays.